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We can... everyone in our team can do something: draw, animate, shoot, edit, colour, sound-engineer, record, write, direct, take photos, or work with chroma keying. 


We are intensely involved in the development and production of original television and film projects. Our team includes artists, animators, screenwriters and directors, sound engineers, camera operators, editors, a photographer, and two producers.


We work together on projects under one roof in one “ecosystem”. None of us can do everything, but each of us can do something.


We are always learning, and we can create an animated series or film together from A to Z – from the initial idea, through to production and post-production for TV or cinema.


We have post-production facilities, a dubbing studio, and camera, sound, and lighting equipment.


We actively cooperate with dozens of well-known and talented actors all over the Czech Republic. For more challenging projects, we cooperate with external film and animation professionals.


We prioritise communication and always see projects through to the end. What we enjoy about creative work is not only the result, but also the creative process, which always pushes our professional skills and capabilities forward.


We welcome more challenging projects that further push us to move forward and grow.


We work as a team because animation, TV, and film projects are all about cooperation.


We are open-minded and want to continue learning and getting to know other TV and film creators. This is why we are part of APA (Audiovisual Producers’ Association), ASAF (Association of Animated Film), ANOMALIA (animation workshops), TV and animation forums and festivals (MIP TV, Cartoon forum, Anifilm, KVIFF, Finále Plzeň, CEE Animation, and more!)


There is probably no film, television, or audiovisual activity that we do not have at least some experience with. In addition to our original creative projects, we have produced hundreds of audiovisual works in a variety of fields for dozens of companies, government, non-profit, and educational institutions over the past 12 years.


Our artists create original designs for characters or environments. These can be caricatures, portraits, comic book characters or any other characters for an animated film or series. We can also create original characters and environments for your company’s or institution’s marketing campaigns – from draft sketches to digital paintings. Connected with animation, our artists can create original designs for the subsequent animation and sound design stages.



We create custom 2D animations. Don’t worry, you won’t get an animated pig in a poke from us. We create animations in sequential steps. Based on the approved concept art of the characters or environment, and according to the script, we create a storyboard from which the sequence of scenes and composition of individual images is clear. According to this storyboard and the audio elements, we arrange the production of an animatic – a kind of animated storyboard, which makes the timing and movement clear. The approved animatic then forms the draft for the final animation, which we finally edit in detail and add sound to it. In addition to character animation, we are also very good at animation for marketing purposes, such as animated logos, animated commercial spots, video clips, educational films, or the animation of various “explainer videos” and promo materials.



Recording actors’ voices is a daily routine for us in our own recording studio. We maintain our own database of dozens of professional collaborating actors from all over the country and cooperate with other casting agencies. This includes dubbing films, voiceovers or read-alouds, recording the voices of animated characters, recording audiobooks, or post-synchronisation of live-action films. 

We also occasionally record, mix, and master smaller musical ensembles and bands. 



Our production has its own professional camera, sound, and lighting equipment, grip, chroma keying background, and photo studio with flash technology. We can shoot multi-camera live streaming or social media footage, aerial drone footage, feature scenes, commercial spots, and promo videos.

We provide locations, cast, costumes, props, and masks.

According to your request, we can write the theme, synopsis, or final script for your film.



Our team includes two production assistants, Hanka and Renáta, who take care of all the logistics and coordination around the filming or production of a given project.

The pre-production phase is all about preparing to shoot and scheduling, including the budget. The production phase concerns the logistics of filming on set. During post-production, we ensure the smooth communication between us, as the service provider,  and the client, so that the entire process is coordinated and under control. This allows us to deliver the work properly and on time, and in all the necessary output formats for web, TV, cinema, radio, or any other common media.

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