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This field of film professionals is a special one. On the one hand, we have done hundreds of projects with our team, and we could probably write that we are professionals in our field and add on a few more stars and credits. On the other hand, we are continuously learning new things every day and with every project.


We do not believe that “one size fits all”. We strive to show love to every film and TV project, which is always original, and make it into something beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, or funny. But there is one advantage you will definitely find with us: the core team is a group that knows its strengths and weaknesses, and knows how to work together. Plus, we work together under one roof in our post-production and animation studio.


We are not a faceless e-shop :). We can offer you good coffee at our place, but we also have no problem coming to you on a shoot anywhere in the Czech Republic. Actually, we do so on a regular basis.  


In recent years, we have been devoting a lot of energy to developing and producing original films and TV series because we enjoy it and find it extremely fulfilling. We are closer to the more cheerful genres and the child audience.


We want to create films and series with good stories and characters that inspire the viewers.


We have been doing studio work since 2008. We have produced hundreds of short audiovisual works for a wide variety of institutions and companies in the country. We run our own chroma keying studio with lighting and facilities. In our post-production studio, we work in a team on 7 powerful stations (PC and Mac) with licensed software in the implementation of special effects or animation post-production. In the other two recording studios, we provide the capturing and processing of voices, sounds, movements, and music into the final master for film and television projects.



For the last four years, we have been focusing on developing and producing our own original films and series. Thanks to this, we have completed a 24-part animated series that has been shown on Czech TV, and we are working on its release abroad. We have produced two animated web series, and have also created an animated feature film that has been shown in cinemas across the country. We have two more feature films for children in various stages of development – one live-action and one animated – and also four television projects in various stages of development and pre-production. We are striving to network with TV stations and film distributors, and looking for ways to finance and distribute our original Czech works both nationwide and abroad.



As an independent producer, FILM21 is part of professional associations, clubs, and societies. We participate in the professional sections of film festivals and forums in both the Czech Republic and abroad.

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